Catalyst Track: Daring to Hope // Day One

Catalyst Track: Daring to Hope // Day One

| August 30, 2017

This week’s 3-day track comes from the book, Daring to Hope: Finding God’s Goodness in the Broken and the Beautiful, written by Katie Davis Majors.

Sometimes we feel that we’re carrying the knife, climbing that mountain with our faces set against the wind and wondering all along the way why God would call us to this, how He could ask this of us. But years later, I know this to be undeniably true: God, who did not spare His own Son, will provide what we need, when we need it, even when we do not know what we need or that we need it.

In this 3-day track, Katie challenges us to share life with others. She reminds us that God constantly invites us to know Him more so that we may share Him more.

Whether it be sharing the pain of suffering or the joys of life, remember that you are in it together with Christ. Take the next few days to recognize ways in which you can share life with others and offer a helping hand.

Day 1: The Lord Will Provide

God sees you and me in our pain and our brokenness. He sees you walking a difficult path when the sun goes down and your life is a far cry from that which you expected or dreamed up. He sees you, dear friend, when the ending of the story is not the one that you yearned for and your prayers seem unanswered and it all just feels like a bit of a mess. He wants to name these places The Lord Will Provide. In the places where you thought life might be easier, when you thought things might be different, when you thought you might be better, be more, God provides His Son, who meets you and provides grace for your gaps and light in your darkness.

His deep desire is for us—that we would know His love in these unexpected broken places and that we would know the true hope found only in His Son Jesus, the Lamb, who never, ever stops reaching out for us, who cups our pain in His nail-scarred palms and cradles our hearts close to His. He wants to be our reward.

It is a bold claim, to look up your mountain, to look out over the dry, cracked places and the barren places and the broken places, outcomes yet unknown, and call the place The Lord Will Provide, to believe that He will when we cannot yet see how. But perhaps that was the offering He was looking for in the first place. Just the believing. Just the hoping. Just the trusting. Just that our hearts would say, would truly know that “God will provide the lamb, my son.”10 Because He did. And He does.


Reflection: Answer the poll below.

How well have you trusted that the Lord will provide in uncertain circumstances?

  1. I always trust that the Lord will provide

  2. I try to trust that the Lord will provide

  3. I often fail to trust that the Lord will provide

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