Catalyst Track: Kill the Spider // Day Three

Catalyst Track: Kill the Spider // Day Three

Carlos Whittaker | September 08, 2017

This week’s 3-day track comes from the book, Kill the Spider, written by Carlos Whittaker.

This was the lie. This was the spider.

The spider is the lie that spins the cobweb.

The cobweb is the medicator that offers false comfort through the lie.

As you start searching for your spiders, it’s gonna take some work. It is. There is Scripture that helps us understand this. Paul is talking to the church of Philippi when he tells them, “I am able to do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13 CSB).

In this 3-day track, Carlos challenges us to look for the ‘spiders’ in our life. He explains that the best way to truly defeat your spiders is through prayer.

Whether you may realize it or not, we are all guilty of selfish intentions. By shifting our intentions, we can act more sincerely for others. Take the next few days to recognize ways in which your intentions are misaligned and use your relationship with God to mend those areas.



DAY 3: Defeating the Spider


Here is a simple yet effective prayer I pray when I need God to reveal something inside of me that I simply cannot find without Him.


Jesus, I come to You now to be made whole

with You again. I come to You now, asking

to be restored and renewed in You this day.

I come to You to claim the grace and mercy

You have waiting  for me. I now surrender

every aspect of who I am, who I have been,

and who I will be totally to You, Lord.


After centering myself with God and asking Him to make me who I need to be in Him again, I move on to the next part:


Thank You, Jesus, for being here. I invite

You to come in and show me that place

where my heart was shattered. Come in and

show me that place where I was wounded.

Come in and show me that place where I

made an agreement with a lie that has kept

me bound. Jesus, maybe shoot me a memory

or a word. Come for me, Jesus, and show

me that place.


Now that you have prayed that, listen. Sit and listen, and see where the Lord takes your thoughts. It helps in these kinds of prayer sessions to have a journal. Write down where He is taking you. It may seem way off, which is fine. Write it down. Don’t edit what comes to mind. Just write it down. Write down any wounds (especially from your childhood) that come to mind. Ask God to reveal to you the lie you made an agreement with at that point. Remember, there may be more than one lie.


This isn’t a one-and-done kind of situation. We have to continue to go at it. Just because you don’t get a thought at first, don’t give up! It’s there. There are many other ways to get to the root, but the first step is opening ourselves up to prayer. And if you haven’t been used to praying, don’t feel like you have to get it the first time. You wouldn’t show up at a gym for the first time or after a long break and expect to be able to run a marathon or bench 250 lbs. Keep at it, friends.



Find an opportunity this week to think more deeply about your intentions. If you find yourself acting selfishly rather than acting for others, turn to prayer for guidance.


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