Catalyst Track: What Have You Become Bind To // Day One

Catalyst Track: What Have You Become Bind To // Day One

Shelene Bryan | September 27, 2017

This week’s 3-day track comes from Shelene Bryan, founder of, a ministry providing food and clean water here in America and around the world.

The woman laid her hands on my shoulders and begged God on my behalf to not allow me to get distracted by the things of my world. It truly was one of the best prayers anyone has ever spoken over me. Kneeling there on that dirt floor, I was uncomfortable and distraction free and exactly where God wanted me to be.

In this 3-day track, Shelene challenges us to recognize the areas in which we are distracted from God. She suggests that with God’s help, we can become comfortable with being uncomfortable so that we may take the leap of faith into the adventure on which God wants to take us.

Whether it’s excessive work hours, or a matter of bad habits, take the next few days to recognize ways in which you may be distracted from God. Remember that in order to live the adventure that God has created for us, we must admit our weaknesses so that we may move past them. Complete the challenges at the end of the day to help guide your reflection.

DAY 1: We Are Distracted


Several years ago my husband and I traveled to the outskirts of Lima, Peru, to witness firsthand the impact of a food program we were supporting. We had spent a long day with the local pastor passing out food and praying with impoverished families. Just as it was getting dark the pastor begged us to pray with one more family. Tired and uncomfortable about being in this potentially dangerous area at night, we reluctantly agreed to one more house.


As we approached the dilapidated shack, a beautiful woman in her sixties, flung open the half-hung wooden door. This joyful lovely woman in her spotless light-blue dress was such a contrast to her drab surroundings. As we entered the single room structure, my attention was immediately drawn to the hard-packed dirt floors. If dirt floors could be clean, this floor was unquestionably the “clean dirt floor” winner. The woman explained that four generations of women lived here in her home. She introduced us to her mother, daughter and her daughter’s newborn baby girl.


Tears began to stream down my cheeks, I tried to play it off and pretend that I was celebrating the birth of her daughter’s new baby. You know: tears of joy. The real reason for the tears was the pain I was feeling thinking about the impoverished life this poor baby was born into.

I walked over to our sweet hostess and laid a hand on her shoulder. “Can I pray for you?

“Pray for me?” She smiled sweetly.


“Yes,” I said.


“I’d actually like to pray for you,” she said.


“For me?” I said bewildered. I was blindsided, thinking, “why would she want to pray for me?”


Before I could catch myself I said it: “Why?”


She smiled, not offended by my question at all, and said, “Because you have way more things to distract you from our God than I do.”


I hit my knees to that clean dirt floor as if God Himself had pushed me to the ground.

“Please, please pray for me” I said.



What is your biggest distraction from God?

A. The media

B. Daily activities (hobbies, work)

C. Relationships (family, friends)

D. Yourself (selfishness, routine)

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