Love Needs Community

Dr. Henry Cloud | February 08, 2019

Love is impossible without community.

The way God functions is a testimony to this truth. He is love and He is always in community with Himself. We have a relational, self-sustaining God.

If God knows the importance of relationships enough to cultivate constant ones with Himself, then how much more are they needed for you?

In this week’s Insider clip, Dr. Henry Cloud from Catalyst Atlanta 2018 expresses how we experience God by being connected with Himself and with people. This is why we believe in our events. 

Catalyst Atlanta and Catalyst West are spaces for the body of Christ to come together, experience connection, and create change. You are not self-sustaining. It’s time to experience deep connection. 

Prefer to read rather than watch? Here’s the transcript to Dr. Henry Cloud’s talk:

So let's look at what I believe is a simple way of focusing on what God is reconciling in you as a person. Number one, God is love. God is love. Now here's what we do as Christians. We know the commandment to love and what we do is, we mix it up with our fallen nature. What is the original sin? The wish to be God. Now think about this, you have people that go into the ministry and they go follow the commandment to go love but our falleness gets in there and we think we can love as God loves, in a particular way that we can't.

And here's what it is. God loves through His attachments, His connectedness, his bondedness. Now think about this. God is not an isolated person pouring out love from an empty tank. He is a person that is always in community and as Jesus said in John 17, in love with each other in this place of love that is. He's the only entity in the universe that is self-sustaining and even He's self-sustaining because it's relational.

And we don't understand all that but we do know this, that God is the creator and we are the creation. So what does that mean? We are to love as He loves but we forget we are not the source or our love. We don't create it. Your car's going to run out of gas. You don't tell it to go get some self gas. It's got to be fueled. So here's what the bible says about love without the falleness of the wish to be God.

It says that we are to love as He loves but we love because He first loved us. Romans 12 says, In view of His mercy, having seen it, having been in it, abiding in it daily we have something to go out and give. And so what the bible tells us to that we are to be experiencing His love in a connected relationship with Him and the other way that we experience that is through this connected relationship with this body.

And people a lot of times feel like where's God? First Peter 4:10 says it is as we're loving one another we are administering the grace of God in its various forms. Now why do I say this? Because I've been working with leaders for over three decades and I don't know what the percentage is, but when it comes to all the big blow-ups and failures and mess-ups and depressions and addictions and all of it at the root of some many of them is this issue.

That they are not as Ephesians 4 says, the whole body is to be connected and joined together from each supporting ligament and it has this life in it and the body's connected. But what's happened is we've got people out there in the ministry who are amputated from the body. They're trying to connect with God. They've got this vertical relationship but this body is meant to work as the blood flows and the heart pumps out and it's getting food from the outside.

You're not self-sustaining so my question is, where do you go for your deepest connectedness? 

Join Dr. Henry Cloud at Catalyst West in Orange County, CA this April. Click here for more information. 

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